David Diaz Suarez is the owner of the website "www.quesadataxi.com". From now on i will mention as "Quesada Taxi".

Quesada Taxi will collect personal data in regards with the order that the customer is placing but that data will be saved in Joomla's user table as well as Quesada Taxi tables related to Orders and users.

The web is hosted on a server with SSL certificate 
What is SSL certificate?
"SSL Certificate is the basic security feature for website which encrypts all the data-transfer from the website. It creates a secure digital tunnel that blocks hackers and thieves from seeing usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and other valuable data."
Quesada Taxi will only collect and use the information provided by you to be able to formalize the contract between the two parties in order to make it legal according to the Spanish transport regulations.

Placing an order through Quesada Taxi is considered a contract between you and the person who is paying for the services/products you offer so you don't need to request their consent.

However, you may process the data further by sending marketing campaigns or process the data in any other way unrelated to Quesada Taxi but related to your own use of your website. You can modify or delete you information sending an mail to info@quesadataxi.com