low cost transfers 



If you are looking for a different service to the taxi we have rental vehicles with driver, commonly called Uber, Cabify, Private transfer ... To make a reservation these vehicles need to make a written contract for each service, in which the name must appear of the client, travel time and destination to be able to legally perform the service. In addition, these vehicles have insurance such as taxis that cover up to 50 million euros. It is compulsory insurance in Spain for all passenger transport vehicles. The advantage of using this type of vehicle is that they do not have area restrictions like taxis and the prices are cheaper. The cons of these vehicles is that any reservation requires a 15-minute advance booking


Here is an example of the contract that must be formalized by the driver:



                  This contract must be completed by the driver for each service


You can contact by Whatsapp or Messenger on:

+34 617 555 444 or +34 617 444 000

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